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Which country do you miss the most during the global quarantine? I remember Nepal with love. Mountain ranges, incredible landscapes, long walks between villages. I have already organized three photo trips to the Himalayas, where people not only travel through the mountains, but also learn to notice the beautiful and show their impressions through photography.
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Melidoni cave or Geros Spilios, as it is also called, is located in a distance of 3km away from Melidoni Milopotamou , Rethymno
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Russia is a country of forests, mists and brave samurai Photographer - Erika Parfenova Model - Nastia Zabrodina Merch - Yandex Zen
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I get the task of shooting for a new brand of street clothing MSQUARE
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Men's portraits
This is a collection of male portraits. My friends and interesting people whom I met in my life.
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My journey took about 7 hours - during this time I managed to get scared, get lost in the clouds and find the way again. I walked like in the scenery of the film - at this moment the world was incredibly beautiful and empty.
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Model Nadezhda Opalinskaya (Nadya_o) and two snakes - python and boa
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Horse and girl, freedom on nature Project by Erika Parfenova
Photography, Digital Photography
Сreative project inspired by urban locations, natural texture and female beauty.
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Devil's Church or Pirunkirrko rock formation is a place for rites and ceremonies of ancient people. Sacred spot or ‘hiisi’ for shamans and wizards was a site for sacrifice.
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The Botanical Garden is one of the best places in the city. A magical corner of nature created by people. Flowers and leaves are full of life. If you want to immerse yourself in the miracle of nature, see amazing shapes, colours and textures - follow the call of plants.
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I fell in love with China at first sight. Therefore, I was waiting for a new meeting like Alice, who wants to return to Wonderland. In this project I selected the best photos from the second China ethnographic expedition of Artemy Lebedev.
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Neon nature
If you’ve ever sailed to deserted island and walking at night, you wait for the dawn and fall asleep to the singing birds. Karelia, Ladoga lake, Russia. Night landscapes, long exposure, tripod, video light.
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Girls and tea
It was a warm light in the room and I could only guess what is behind the window - was it evening or morning? wear wondermarry, muah Natasha Russak
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Chinese ethnographic notes
I went to China together with the expedition of Artemy Lebedev. Every day we woke up and went to watch, walk, communicate with the country and its inhabitants. This is a project of ethnographic notes and photographs of the most interesting places I visited.
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Mother India
Anyone who has ever been in Asia knows that India is generous with gifts and literally changes people. That's why I was going to meet my 25th birthday in the ancient and mystical city of Varanasi. I took the camera and went to a meeting with adventures all alone.
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Shape of love
Photography, Digital Art, Digital Photography
Paradise birds
Fairy story about the magic girls Photography, retouch Erika Parfenova Art dress Andrey Korzuhin Model Valentina Mann, Darya Ogurtsova Muah Irina Shpinak
Photography, Digital Photography, Fashion
Fox and the Sun
The song about the red Fox
Photography, Retouching, Digital Photography
Legends of Karelia
Karelia is one of the most mysterious and amazing places in Russia. Legends and ancient stories walk about these lands. Waterfalls, lakes, textures and fairy tales, be sure to visit here.
Photography, Photojournalism, Writing
Tamang people
This is the story of a brave Tamang tribe living in Nepal. After the earthquake in Nepal, these people restore their village.
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Clouds and water
Beauty in nature, dramatic sky and magic water
Photography, Digital Photography, Photojournalism
This is a collection of portraits with red hair and freckles, all of them shot in St. Petersburg
Photography, Digital Photography
Mountains in Nepal
Photography, Photojournalism, Digital Photography
BW Natural Faces
Photography, Art Direction, Digital Photography
The Snow Queen
This is a story about brave girl Gerda
Photography, Digital Photography
The first woman of Adam
Man was created from the ground, and the woman from the fire. Do you know who owns the name of Lilith? model - Olga Moscvina
Art Direction, Fashion, Photography
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